Established in 2014 to serve the African market, BSA Holdings is a diversified business with interests in food, power and water utilities as well as the oil, gas, mining and manufacturing industries. As a value adding company, we have developed an extensive network of business relationships and international partnerships, with the primary objective of providing our customers with complete engineering solutions.

Our executives and associates have many years joint experience in engineering businesses, entrepreneurship; as well as expert, in-depth technical knowledge and know-how on all of our engineering products. We believe in a decentralized management model, empowering people, building solid relationships and improving the environment and the lives of our communities. BSA Holdings is a South African-based holding company with offices in eMalahleni and Johannesburg.

Our mission and vision

We strive to offer customised solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in expert knowledge, engineered products and integrated service offerings that are of the highest quality, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

What we stand for

Our goal is to continuously deliver the highest quality service to all our clients, and we endeavour to do this through focusing and delivering on our guiding business principles:


High Standards

We maintain the highest standards of business conduct towards our customers, business partners and employees. By putting our business principles into practice we contribute to a successful and sustainable future.



We are committed to sustainability in all our actions and decisions. We recognize our responsibility to promote sustainability which meets the present needs of future generations.



Safety is a core value, which underpins all of our activities. We actively engage with our employees, clients and stakeholders to provide a sustainable safe working environment and a proactive safety culture.



We respond rapidly to the operational needs of our clients worldwide. We are flexible, proactive and provide smart solutions for the long term. We continually seek to improve our response and service.

We are proud of our strategic alliances