BSA Holdings in partnership with Stork Technical Services and Jahnel-Kestermann lead the way in gearbox repairs and servicing. Our partnership agreement follows collaboration between BSA and Stork since 2007, and we are proud to be able to continue offering solutions that reflect decades of accumulated OEM expertise and experience. Most importantly, our solutions can be tailored and engineered to suit every type of gearbox.

Stork Gears and Services has led the way in gearbox repairs and services for over 50 years, with the objective to offer our clients solutions that match their wishes and requirements. These solutions are in the form of a comprehensive answer to problems and reflect the aim to extend quality in gears in ways that go beyond the inspection, repair or replacement of gearbox components.

The BSA Holdings Competitive Advantage



Engineering consulting and marketing services in local markets based on Stork’s extensive experience in brand-independent gearbox repairs.


The full range of services for your gearbox repair including gear manufacturing.

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Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing from client specifications as well as reverse engineering from samples and re-engineering in cases where the application is not suitable for the gearbox.


Diagnostics, Inspections & Repairs

Gearbox Diagnostics – Inspection, measurement, monitoring and troubleshooting services for critical rotating equipment. BSA Holdings offers 24/7 support, always providing our clients with the fastest gearbox repair.


An independent gearbox company with 80% of reverse, re-engineering and repairs done on other brands such as Jahnel Kestermann, Allen Gears, Brook Hansen, Conrad, Flender, Graffenstaden, Kamewa, Lohmann Stolterfoht, Renk, Santasalo, Voith, Rademakers etc.


On-site Servicing

Our Service Team offers 24/7 support for on-site repair of gearboxes.


Custom-built Gearboxes

Custom built gearboxes for maritime, industrial and power applications.


Manufacturing Standards

Kisssoft software, combined with in-house expertise, are used to design our gearboxes according to the specifications of well-known institutes such as ISO, DIN, API, Neratrans and AGMA. We comply to the rules of all classification agencies such as Germanische Lloyd, DNV, BV, ABS and many others.

More about Stork and Ja-Ke

“Stork and Jahnel-Kestermann GmbH i.L (Ja-Ke) signed an agreement to move the maintenance and supply of spare parts for Ja-Ke gearboxes to Stork Gears & Services. This means that Stork Gears & Services becomes the only worldwide authorised service partner for businesses that own Ja-Ke gearboxes.” (