Air Insulated Switchgear up to 24 kV, Vacuum Withdrawable Circuit Breaker

PiX range is an indoor switchgear assembly that provides maximum user safety. It is intended to meet all electrical distribution needs up to 24 kV and incorporates a set of innovative solutions.


It is compact in design and uses vacuum circuit breakers.

  • Ratings up to 4,000 A / 40kA for 12 kV and 17.5kV range
  • Ratings up to 2,500 A and 31.5 kA for 24kV range
  • Single and double busbar, insulated busbar
  • Loss of Service Continuity – LSC 2B PM
  • Floor, top or rear cable connection
  • Back-to-wall or rear access configurations
  • Current and voltage transformers on busbar or cable side
  • Available with IS current limiter (Fault Current Limiter)
  • Internal Arc Classification (IAC) AFLR duration 1s according to IEC62271-20 

Note: SF6 technology is stopped and VEIVACUUM is still available.


  • Space saving, flexible cubicle width and back-to-wall installation.
  • Safe and reliable with a full 1-second Internal Arc Classification – AFLR.
  • Comprehensiveinterlocking, with all operations from the front.
  • Can be fully installed from the front of the cubicle.
  • Environmentally compatible, easy to recycle.


  • Energy: HV/MV Substations, MV/MV Substations, Wind Farms
  • Infrastructure: Hospitals, Airports, Subways, Railways
  • Industries: Oil, Cement, Mine
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